The Trash Blog

Phil and Margaret

Who We Are


  • Always explodes in laughter before she delivers the punchline of a joke.
  • Has little musical tunes to which she makes most of her statements.
  • Picked up a nice case of e.coli in Peru.
  • Made a documentary called Blackbirds, Bottle Caps, and Broken Records.
  • Always remembers her dreams.
  • Can cook a mean curry for people who have never had curry.
  • Titled her Masters thesis Citizenshit.
  • Thinks the peak of fashion to be things that are “flowy”.
  • Has troubles with greener grasses.
  • Is very obviously a sister with three brothers.
  • Spent a lot of time as a boy scout.
  • Gives ants a run for their money when it comes to the burdens her tiny shoulders can bear.
  • Is loyal.
  • Writes posts that get more readers than me.
  • Likes chocolate and baked goods and ice cream.
  • Is half Cuban.
  • Says the word ‘jelly’ in a way that is more than delightful.
  • Has the spirit of a dancer wiggling around in her.
  • Scratches every itch until it bleeds.
  • Feels the only thing standing between her and award-wining photographs is the book on photography she doesn’t have but can get at Goodwill.


  • Can eat a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in one sitting.
  • Reads the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to me when I’m sick.
  • Still wears t-shirts he got in grade school.
  • Bikes everywhere (except now that we are trashblogging).
  • Puts brown sugar in his curry.
  • Has visited the ER 20 times in the last two years but never for himself.
  • Was very shy in college.
  • Gets really excited about swimming pools.
  • Grows his hair out to dreadlocks, then shaves, in a two-year cycle.
  • Got a haircut from a barber for the first time in seventeen years for our wedding.
  • Does not like playing two-handed cribbage.
  • Reads all night, every night.
  • Fills up three quarters of our boxes with his library every time we move.
  • Has written a book nobody reads, called Should You Give Money to Beggars.
  • Loves obscure authors, particularly William T Vollmann.
  • Started wearing glasses when he was eight.
  • Still talks about his glory days on his soccer team when he was eight.
  • Enjoys baking bread.
  • Doesn’t know the difference between mentally ill, mentally well, and mentally where he is, regardless of what the DSM says.
  • Would like to learn to play the banjo but insists that he will build his own from a cigar box.

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