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Snook Make Camping Better

‘Hey, hey, Bossman! What’s your name? I’m Tommy. Looks like we’s camping neighbors.’

‘You ever fish for snook, Bossman? These waters ‘r full of snook! Snook’s about the best fish you ever gonna eat. I love snook.’

‘You’re on what kind of trip? Garbage? Hell, I got some garbage if you want it–Dammit, Stinky Buns! Stop drinking my beer. That’s for adult folks! Get yourself over there with your momma!’

‘Hey, Bossman, I got a whole cooler full of cheddar brawts here, you want any?’

KOA‘Chantel! You know you aren’t old enough to be driving my truck! What the hell you think you doin? You gonna run over my…dammit, girl, give me those keys!’

‘Bossman, you see where I put my beer?’

‘Momma! Momma, I got dinner on the line here! I’m gonna catch you the biggest damn snook you ever seen.’

‘Looks like a storm is comin’ in, you got any extra spikes, Bossman? This tent’s so big I got to put extra spikes in the ground.’

‘Woohoo! Some kind of wind! I love it when it rains! There ain’t nothing like fishing snook in the rain.’

‘You going to sleep there, Bossman? These snook don’t even start biting till after midnight.’

‘Keep it down, children! Don’t you know folks is tryin’ to sleep in that tent! Go play somewhere else.’

Who There‘Hello?’ Johnny, my man! I got a line in the water, a brawt on the fire and beers in the cooler! You comin’ down? Hell yeah it’s late, it’s just about time the snook start biting! Come on down, Johnny, we’re camping!’

‘Momma! Johnny and Sara are gonna be here in twenty! You know where I put my beer?’

‘Children! What’d I tell you about playing around that tent! Bossman’s trying to sleep in there. Can’t you play somewhere’s else? And keep it down! You all shouting at the same time is gonna scare off all my snook!’

‘Is this my beer?’

‘Tommy! We made it! I brought the tunes!’

‘Johnny! Johnny! You get you some of them brawt and come over here! The snook are biting like crazy! Let me get you baited up!’

‘Oh yeah! Turn that shit up!’

‘Man! Who doesn’t like Kanye?’

Trying to Sleep 2‘Genius voice of a generation, Tommy. No doubt.’

‘I’m gonna go fish on the other side of the lagoon there. Turn Kanye up!’

‘Does anyone know where my beer is?’

‘Tell them kids to keep it down! Bossman’s sleeping in that tent!’

‘Can you feel that one, dog?’

‘Tommy! Tommy! I got a monster on the line here! You gotta get over here!’

‘Aw, shit, where the hell did I put my beer? Is this one mine? What is this?’

‘Johnny! These tunes is dope!’

‘Hey, hey Bossman! How’d you sleep? The sun’s coming up and it’s gonna be a beautiful day! You see this snook I caught? This here baby must be four pounds at least!’

‘Are you Bossman? I’m Tommy’s friend, Johnny. This is my first time camping! Something else, huh?’

‘You taking off, Bossman? You like to get going early, huh? Nice to have met you, Bossman! You want to take any snook with you? Good luck with your garbage!’

This entry was written by Philip and published on August 7, 2013 at 12:10 pm. It’s filed under Camping, Trashblogging and tagged , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post.

6 thoughts on “Snook Make Camping Better

  1. Uncle Chris on said:


    Hope you eventually got some sleep . . . but. . . not while driving

  2. I wanna try fishin some them snook.

  3. By the way, what is a snook?

  4. Diana on said:

    Bossman better than deathmasta!!!! 😉

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