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In the high desert of New Mexico, across the Rio Grande Gorge from Taos, strange buildings peek out of the dusty scrub.

I was amazed by the interiors of the Earthships. It’s amazing to me that self-sufficient buildings constructed out of mundane materials (used tires, clay, bottles and cans) could be so beautiful.

The bathroom was particularly interesting. In the center of the building, the ceiling was open to the building and two ventilation hatches overhead. Pathways flowed around the bathroom, through the interior jungle plants, which are watered by the bathroom’s gray water.

And of course, any house with such an extensive greenhouse built into it is bound to be beautiful.

If appearance isn’t enough to get your heart pumping, the Earthships are constructed with many reclaimed materials, from bottles and cans to tires and the metal from old appliances.

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4 thoughts on “Earthships

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  2. Uncle Chris on said:

    It’s easy to see how impressed you both were with this place . . . .

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