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How They Do Garbage in Olympia

How They Do OlympiaIn Olympia, garbage is picked up curbside in three bins. A blue bin for organics and a green bin with a tan lid for recyclables. Each of these can hold 332 pounds. There is a green bin for garbage that is slightly smaller, containing up to 227 pounds. Collection every week costs $55 every two months.

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3 thoughts on “How They Do Garbage in Olympia

  1. Uncle Chris on said:

    Is that Granpa Jerry and Grandma Joy?

  2. Harold LeMay(note the name on the garbage cans) built his refuse business into a thriving enterprise. He later turned his “collection” business into a hobby becoming one of the largest automobile collections in the world. After his death, his widow donated the collection to the city of Tacoma. Ergo, the LeMay Car Museum next to the Tacoma Dome.

  3. By saving all these cars, we are minimizing what goes into our landfills

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