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How They Do Garbage in Bellingham

How They Do Garbage BellinghamIn Bellingham, garbage is picked up curbside in large green 60 gallon bins with wheels. You can pay for pickup every week or every-other week, and the rates vary depending on where you live and how frequently you want garbage picked up. For pickup every-other week it costs about $38 a month.

Recyclables are separated into three bins. One for mixed paper, one bin for newspaper, and a third bin for metal, plastic, and glass. Cardboard can be placed along side the bins if it is collapsed. These recyclables are picked up curbside every week with no extra fees, so I guess the service is funded through taxes and other subsidies.


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One thought on “How They Do Garbage in Bellingham

  1. Uncle Chris on said:

    Maybe the recycables generate enough revenue to sustain the pick up service? Nice looking garbage crew there! Hope all are well!

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