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Hittin the Road…

Yesterday we finally hit the road… a little frazzled. We missed our first official trash blog appointment because Phil was barfing. Beginning a three month road trip while moving into another country is never as simple as you expect.

We first realized that we were in for some difficulties when we laid all our gear out to see if it would fit in the car. We packed for all contingencies: a twin size self-inflating air mattress, six bath towels, four full-size pillows, two bins of camping items, a near life-size statue of the Holy Family, a really big (but empty) champagne bottle, and four tennis rackets.

This is when we realized

You never know when the Holy Family is going to come in handy.

We had to make some tough decisions. This is something that neither of us is very good at, which meant that we were at the tough-decision-making point of the packing process for a good twenty-four hours. The tough-decision-making extended late into the night.

This is when we really realized

We have to fit all this into two duffel bags?

We also thought it might be a good idea to test out our nifty tent. This tent was the gift of a truly great man, Father Al of Vancouver, who is a follower of ours and a believer in the trash blog, although he didn’t give us the Holy Family. Setting up the tent was not as difficult as the tough-decision-making.

Help, I've fallen

Let a poor sick man have his rest.

But due to Phil’s barfing, it wasn’t as easy as it should have been. Luckily, it was a sunny day so we were able to take a brief nap on the warm tent before continuing on.

ah, ooh, don't touch

Don’t we look like we know what we are doing?

Seeing as we’ve never been camping together before, we had slight disagreements over how to set up the tent. One party believed that the tent poles should be extended before pushing them through the loops while the other party was in favor of the extend as you go method. We’ll leave you to guess who was the doofus here.

This tent just got shown

This tent just got shown

Eventually we did set up the tent, concluding our preparations. Our bags are packed, the self-inflating air mattress has been excluded, tough decisions have been made, the Holy Family is firmly ensconced in the back seat, and we are ready to hit the road.

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6 thoughts on “Hittin the Road…

  1. Diana on said:

    I know how you guys felt! We went to the exact same process a couple of weeks ago…. The wholy family is going to protect you for the whole trip….then…we can take it from you again! Thank you for not leaving our rackets or my towel!!! Love you guys and wish you the best in this exciting journey! Also, I can’t believe Phil’s hair is gone! Hope he will still be as strong as before!!! 😉

  2. Uncle Chris on said:

    Funny! May the Holy Family be with you!

  3. You guys seem to be bringing an awful lot of junk on your trash Odyssey.

  4. You guys seem to be taking an awful lot of junk on your trash odyssey.

  5. Rachel T on said:

    Fantastic! I look forward to reading about your adventures!

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