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The Problem with a Moral Compass

This is me wearing my black coat. I love this coat – I think I look stylish and chic in it.

Lookin good...

Lookin good…

But lately, wearing my black coat has been making me feel like this.

Rending my garments

Rending my garments

As a result, I’ve started wearing my white coat.

The sweet bliss of a clear conscience.

The sweet bliss of a clear conscience.

Now, why, you may be asking, has the black coat become such an excruciating experience for me?

It’s because of these bad boys:

The current bane of my existence.

The current bane of my existence.

About two months ago now (‘procrastinator’ does not begin to describe me…) I had to change the batteries in a little microphone of mine. Being busy at the time, I popped the old ones into my pocket. Some vague sense in the back of my mind from grade school or a recycling sticker tells me that I shouldn’t put these into the regular garbage, so instead they just stay in my pocket. And every time I reach my hand in¬† my pocket… there they are. Waiting for me. Things have gotten so bad that the pocket battery pile has grown – there were originally only two, but the replacement batteries have since run dry, and now my problem has doubled.

So, short of making my pockets my perpetual dumping ground for batteries, and eventually starting to look like a police officer (read: extremely bulging pockets), I need to find a solution to the battery issue.

When we took our tour of the Vancouver Landfill I asked our guide George about how much of things like paint, or scrap metal (things you aren’t supposed to just throw into the ol can) he thought people actually took the time to sort out and dispose of properly. He said that he was confident that people were well educated on these issues and would ‘do the right thing.’ Now, I don’t doubt the moral compass of the people of Vancouver, but I do doubt my own.

Here’s a confession: when crunched for time during a move, I have dumped a can of half used paint into a black bag and put it in my garbage can. I have probably dumped batteries too, but my mind mercifully blots these incidents out.

So, the issue of the batteries seems like a redemptive process to me. I know I am not supposed to put them in the trash, but I don’t really know what the heck to do with them (and I’m a busy lady! how much time is this extra disposal trip going to cost me?). Soooo… I am going to find out what to do. Stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “The Problem with a Moral Compass

  1. Chris Stewart on said:

    I read. I laughed. I am eager to know more.

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