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The Trouble With Being a Man of Steel

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The trouble with being a man of steel is that you wear out your clothes. I was forced to take stock of my wardrobe recently and I realized that I haven’t got very many clothes without holes.

Take, for example, these jeans:

Or how about this jacket:

Wear and tear isn’t just limited to clothing. Look at these shoes:

And then, of course, there is the situation with these boxers of mine…

This parade of worn out clothing can go on for some length. What do you do with clothes when they wear out? It seems pretty wasteful to throw them away just because of a hole in the knee or on the sleeve. Even when they get to be as shredded as my Chauvinist Pig boxers, there’s a lot of perfectly useful cloth there. Just lobbing it in the garbage is a waste.

Do you donate them?

I’ve worked at a place where people donate used clothing. First of all, we always got far more clothing than we could give away. The sheer mass of unwanted clothing wass pretty shocking. Second, anytime we got something with a hole in it or that was particularly worn looking, we usually passed it over–handing it on to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Such bigger charities sell bales of clothing to places like Kenya, China, Indonesia, Ecuador and many others. Sometimes they shred the clothing and sell it as carpet filler.

Do you patch them?

From the above pictures you can tell that I’ve tried the repair method. In most cases it never works. This is probably because I have very poor tailoring skills. But having paid a professional to fix Margaret’s boots, we discovered that saving the boots cost as much as buying new boots.

Do you just keep wearing them?

This is my current method of choice. I forge boldly ahead expecting my clothing to do the same. This leads to awkward situations though. I’ve had some rather large blow-outs at very inopportune moments. But I figure the world can always stand to look at a little more Phil.

Do you become a nudist?

Well…unfortunately, nudism cannot fix all of our problems.

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2 thoughts on “The Trouble With Being a Man of Steel

  1. Shaun (Brenda's husband) on said:

    Phil, this is pretty impressive. In terms of the jacket I’m not convinced that it serves any purpose other than being really stylish, but again….impressive 🙂

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